On Sunday I hosted a ride out with Specialized UK women all with the same passion, cycling (I showed off my lush new bike).

I am not from a cycling background as you know, but I am into motivating people to try new things and to be inspired by others and that’s the same for me.

Over 300 applied from just one shout out and 30 lucky ladies got to be taken around some beautiful countryside in Kent.

We started off from my coffeehouse Cafe 1809 and headed off on an undulating route taking on the challenge of York Hill *gulp*.

We then headed towards a place called Westerham for a well earned coffee and delicious cake stop at my friends Westerham Cyclery before heading back 25km to the start.

What I love is that by cycling (like running) people from different backgrounds have similar motivation for doing it:

  • Freedom
  • Headspace
  • ”Me” time
  • Fitness goals
  • Weight management
  • Health
  • Mental Health
  • Travel
  • Learning of new skills
  • Charity
  • Friendships
  • Goals
  • Happiness
  • Success

So my questions are:

  • Should I host more?
  • Shall I do and all men’s one?
  • Shall I do a mixed group one?
  • Shall I do a run out?

Thoughts please. Send me a message via Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.